Inner love blooming

Oh, yes, we do have the beginnings of a new relationship within our system, thanks to last night’s dream. Once again, between a girl and a dragon.

We’re getting waves of emotion from both of them. And it’s interesting, because they are distinctly different feeling emotions. Both are very positive, but growing at different rates and related to different emotional needs. We’re not going to analyze this in minute detail here, because we can feel them both retreating a bit as we type this, and we should give them their privacy, and let the two of them work things out on their own (as much as anyone can do that in this system. At least, without too much outside scrutiny.

But, this gives us a greater chance of identifying both parties, assuming either one wants that.

We feel like the dragon is one of us we know really well, but just haven’t quite accurately identified. They may have been one of our Jonathans, in which case if they front more they may actually choose to change their name. And maybe we should see if they’ll come forward first.

The girl is having the strongest, gooshiest feelings, though, and because of that it would be easier to let her front right now. And she should be able to identify her new partner.

Something we need to do is find them a song. Usually that really helps anchor our feelings to the front, so that we can come forward on command. And cofronting is a pretty good way for us to interact as couples. It allows us to create memories of each other better, and to be more clear in our communication. It also allows us to go on memorable dates outside of dreaming. And part of the reason we’re typing this paragraph is to encourage the two of them to come forward.

But, in the end, if they don’t want to, that’s OK, too.

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