Illyen’s Character Sheet

This was a really good exercise for me, as it gave me a much better grasp of my role in our story. And that will help give me time and something to work with to figure out who I really am, too.

name: Illyen Student of Badly Fitting Brachyform
pronouns: ve/vyr/vem

Illyen’s story takes place after the Nanite Innovation, which is what the book Systems’ Out! covers. Reading vyr character sheet will be a spoiler for that book. Vyr story is featured in the sequel.

One of the things that the Nanite Innovation was intended to do was provide individuals with a means of gently surgically altering their bodies to match their needs through the use of the nanites, giving people greater autonomy and extending their force of will over their physical beings. And part of the motivation for this was to treat physical dysphoria, which the Crew has discovered is exceedingly difficult to prevent through careful genetic manipulation, breeding, and childcare (e.g. Eugenics actually doesn’t work).

Illyen was born with reproductive dysphoria, which grew as ve aged. Ve yearned to get pregnant. In the past, such individuals were out of luck, as human beings are all purposefully sterile at birth, with vestigial reproductive organs that don’t ever fully develop. But since the events that lead to the Nanite Innovation, the Crew have decided that a sterile population was not exactly a good idea. Sterility should be allowed to be reversed. Using the nanites in conjunction with other medical technologies, Illyen was given what vyr body needed to fully develop a uterus and working ovaries, and to conceive a child parthenogenically.

Vyr dysphoria was nearly as severe as Morde’s, but more easily treatable. Vyr drives and personality were shaped by this ordeal and by being the only person on the ship to become pregnant and give birth to a child in anyone’s memory. Vyr goals in life utterly revolve around this, and did so long before ve started the procedures to undertake it.

Ve is probably the closest thing to a trans person that a culture with no assigned gender could have.


Art: Motherhood – Illyen is the first person in the history of the Sunspot to undergo the medical therapies necessary to bear and give birth to a child, Jenifer. But xe is not the first to give birth, apparently.

Adaptations: Human sized mammalian dragon, essentially.

Assets of your adaptations:
Extremely flexible: 2D8
Hands for feet: 2D6
Antlers: 2D6

Place: Both Monsters and the Crew are very interested in vyr child.

Values: (1D10, 2D8, 2D6, 1D4)
1D6 Action – “When things must be done, do them.”
1D6 Consensus – “It’s usually a good idea to listen to my child.”
1D10 Creativity – “Crafts can keep you steady during the worst agony.”
1D8 Dissent – “Dissent usually comes from unmet needs.”
1D8 Remedy – “I owe my life to the nanites.”
1D4 Patience – “My child is the model of patience.”

Techniques: (1D10, 1D8, 3D6, 1D4)
1D6 Analyze
1D4 Anticipate
1D6 Deceive
1D10 Force – Strong willed 1D8
1D8 Manipulate – Good with all four hands 1D6
1D6 Move

(Force related) “This is what we’re doing now” – When trying to get your way socially, step up any asset you create for yourself using Force.
(Open talent) “I make things to survive my own dysphoria” – When using Manipulate to create something, step up or double Remedy or Creativity, spend one PP to do both.


Raise Jenifer

1XP… When you share some of your wisdom with your child.
3XP… When you help your child remedy one of their problems.
10XP… When your child moves out or when it becomes obvious that they cannot.

Pave the Way for Others

1XP… When you advocate for someone else to others.
3XP… When you step aside to let someone less privileged than you speak or act for themselves.
10XP… When you see clearly that others will not have to suffer what you did, or when it is proven to you that it can never fully be prevented.

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