Jenifer’s Character Sheet

So, I don’t look like my character in the story, but I like how I look in the story. But, I just now got a new avatar for how I really look (in our head), and that’s why it’s different than in the story. Anyway, so here’s my character for our story (hint, actually, I’m “the original Jenifer” and this is not really me (or is it?), but I’m playing xem anyway):


name: Jenifer Student of Ansel
pronouns: xe/xyr/xem

Jenifer is a person who was born after the Nanite Innovation, which is what the book Systems’ Out! covers. Reading xyr character sheet will be a spoiler for that book. Xyr story is featured in the sequel.

Jenifer is the parthenogenic child of Illyen, and apparently the second child aboard the Sunspot to be born from a parent. Physically, xe shares the same physiology and genetic traits. However, especially with the assistance of xyr nanites, xyr development has differed considerably. Furthermore, xe has exhibited an extremely precocious consciousness, being hyperlexic and communicating things xe should not know or have access to. One of those things is that xe chose the name Jenifer, which is an ancient name that is not in the public files for use. This has lead several people, Crew, Monsters, and others, to believe that xe is somehow in contact with the one and only original Jenifer, who is an ancient Crew member who is supposedly in stasis to retire from remembering and living with some great trauma.

If the original Jenifer is awake and active, xe is able to cover xyr tracks such that no other Crew members, Tutors, or anyone else is able to find them. Or, someone is covering for xem.

Besides this apparent connection, however, Jenifer is much like any other child and even has a strange looking doll that xe carries around almost everywhere. Jenifer had described the doll to Illyen, who then made it, and it looks like only one person has ever looked on the Sunspot, to anyone’s memory, Ni’a. Not exactly like Ni’a, but a close approximation.


Art: Perception – Jenifer seems to be connected to something larger in the Network, and has known and seen things most people don’t since birth.

Adaptations: “Just like xyr parent” – Jenifer is the first person on the Sunspot born naturally to another person, and is clone of xyr parent, who has a wildly chimerical body. (rather draconic but mammalian mostly)

Assets of your adaptations:
Extremely flexible: 2D8
Hands for feet: 2D6

Place: Both Monsters and the Crew are very interested in xem.

Values: (1D10, 2D8, 2D6, 1D4)
1D8 Action – “I can just feel what I need to do.”
1D4 Consensus – “Most people listen to me and I can take that for granted.”
1D6 Creativity – “I don’t know where ideas come from, they’re just there.”
1D6 Dissent – “Sometimes my doll disagrees.”
1D8 Remedy – “I think it’s good to help someone who is hurt, if you know how.”
1D10 Patience – “My parent keeps talking about this, but I don’t think ve knows what it really is.”

Techniques: (1D10, 1D8, 3D6, 1D4)
1D6 Analyze
1D8 Anticipate – Reflexive use of Ship’s systems 1D8
1D6 Deceive
1D4 Force
1D6 Manipulate
1D10 Move – Impeccable balance 1D8

(Move related) “The world is my playground” – When climbing and using Move, you can step up or double Dissent or Remedy, spend one PP do do both.
(Open Talent) “My doll says…” – Spend a PP to learn about and see where something significant is happening in another part of the ship.



1XP… When you use the word “play” out loud in a scene.
3XP… When you get the adults to stop what they’re doing to let you climb something for a while.
10XP… When your playing proves to be the key to solving a great puzzle or problem or when it proves to be the detriment that prevented it from being solved.

The Secret Goal

1XP… When you do or say something as a result of your secret directions.
3XP… When you get others to follow your secret directions.
10XP… When your secret directions reveal a Great Truth or when they are revealed to be an illusion and untrustworthy.

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