Mosaic Portraits in Context in the city of Fikwakyet

Here are the mosaic portraits from the previous post in their original context on the side of a house in the city of Fikwakyet. These would likely be portraits of the residents of that house.

Fikwakyet (Fairport) is unique in ʔetekeyerrinwuf (the Sunspot) for having buildings with rectangular foundations and a square grid of streets. There are other elements of the city’s architecture and aesthetic culture that are not seen very often elsewhere. This is in accordance with a request from Founding Crew Member Fenemere, who contested that certain aesthetic choices do not necessarily convey the cultural baggage of where they originally come from. And if chosen carefully, they could be safely retained without perpetuating the horrors of ʔetekeyerrinwuf’s predecessor ship, Feruukepikape (a.k.a. the Terra Supreme, or the Magnificent Dirt).

It turns out, however, that kihns actual reasoning for this experiment was more subversive and covert than that. The designs for this move will likely be revealed in the seventh book of the Sunspot Chronicles, which has yet to be written.

In any case, it has been a very long time since the cities have been founded and, of course, cultural has developed and spread, and elements from other cities have worked their way into Fikwakyet and visa versa.

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