The Tunnel Apparati Diaries

We’ve settled on a name for our new series: the Tunnel Apparati Diaries

So far, this series consists of the following three books, which are already mostly written:

  1. The End of the Tunnel, by Ashwin Pember of the Inmara
  2. The Sun also Hatches, by Goreth Ampersand of the Inmara
  3. The Dragon in the Dining Room, by Sarah Ampersand of the Inmara

How these books will actually be credited will depend on whether a publisher picks them up, and what kind of agreement that publisher comes to with us. But if we put them up here on our website in the end, they will be credited just like that.

Conceptually, these will be a separate series from the Sunspot Chronicles, but part of the same continuity and canon (unlike the Adventures of Molly Rocketcoil).

We’re writing them with the idea that people may encounter them first, even though they are a sequel to all the books here. They introduce the Sunspot Chronicles and give them a context in which to read them and how to interpret them, and do include some major sounding spoilers (but spoilers that you’d get on the backs of the books anyway). Also, since our authors are different people with different perspectives, Ashwin’s interpretation of the events of the Sunspot Chronicles are not the same as the authors of those books. Part of the whole point of reading them all is that it’s like watching Rashomon.

Anyway, the way to think of it is that the Sunspot Chronicles are first account history books regarding the Nanite Innovation, the Bestowing of Phage’s Gift, and the Sunspot’s encounters with Outsiders. While the first three books of the Tunnel Apparati Diaries are about how the Sunspot Chronicles got to Earth, and subsequent books in the series may end up being about exploring other destinations using the Tunnel (most likely with Sarah, Goreth, and Ashwin doing the traveling and writing).

And, honestly, we think that any publisher that turns down the opportunity to print these books may be making a mistake.

Like, maybe sometimes our writing isn’t that good, but we are proud of these concepts and the worlds we’re creating.

Also, Earth needs more published novels where the lead characters just happen to be trans, autistic, and plural.

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