What’s in store for 2024

We have taken a pause in writing Blood in the Duff, as everyone may have noticed.

We have plans to come back to it and to the Adventures of Molly Rocketcoil fairly soon, but we have distracted ourselves with a new project that is also nearly done.

We’ve written a trilogy of books that we intend to try submitting to a publisher, and we have a list of queer publishers that we’re going to submit to in rotation through the year, in hopes that one of them will pick up the books.

This new series, the titles for which are still pending, is the (very fictional but in canon) story about how the Sunspot Chronicles comes to get published on Earth. So, it finally involves true interactions between the Ktletaccete and humans.

If we don’t get a publisher within the year, we’ll just go ahead and publish these books here, on some sort of a schedule, depending on how the election year goes.

We’ll keep you updated.

But once these books are at the point where we get send them off, which should be soon, we’ll be able to turn our attentions back the Sunspot Chronicles proper, and with a better idea of how to wrap them up.

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