Flight from Earth to Spindrift

Let’s say the Sunspot, Anchor, and Spindrift park in Earth/Luna Lagrange Point 1.

Everyone on Earth looks up and sees the Sunspot superimposed across the moon. It’s visible from the ground, like this:

Image of what the Sunspot might look like parked in Lagrange point one, between the earth and the moon. A spaceship roughly the shape of an anchor is silhouetted against the moon.

So, then, someone on Earth sends a rocket out to visit, with a 50 mm lens on a camera to record the whole event. And you get to watch it here on our website.

It’s a pretty fast rocket, with really good breaks, or something like that. It records the whole trip from Earth to right beside Molly Rocketcoil’s shuttle, Spindrift, moored just outside Anchor, her starship, child-ship of the Sunspot.

It’s in real time, too, so the spin you see on the habitat cylinders of the Sunspot and Anchor is actually how fast they’re spinning.

This is what that would look like:


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